KMS Meetings Suspended.

Coronovirus (COVID 19)

After the PM’s press conference yesterday Monday 16th March and the strong advice contained within, Kernow Men’s Society meetings will be suspended forthwith.

This decision has been taken in the light of the advice given and underpinned by our landlord’s (The Methodist Church) decision to recommend suspending all community type events at their premises in the locality.

Meetings will be suspended for the foreseeable future and will only be re-convened as and when this situation has passed and the official advice is that we can safely do so.


The safety and health of our members and that of the wider community is foremost in our minds and we fully agree with the advice given by government and the decision taken by the church in an effort to mitigate the effects that this virus will have on wider society.

Isolation, Exclusion And Loneliness

It is indeed ironic that we as a group exist in order to combat the effects of isolation, exclusion and loneliness when the effect of suspending our activities and that of no doubt thousands of other similar groups throughout the country may well be to plunge people back into loneliness. However, it is no doubt a necessary evil and one which we hope will be reasonably short-lived.

See You Soon(ish)

We here at KMS would like to thank all of our friends and look forward to the time when we can re-commence our twice weekly meetings. Until then, do the right thing, stay safe and we’ll see you all again soon(ish)!!

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