Code Of Conduct

Kernow Men’s Society Code of Conduct


Kernow Men’s Society seeks to be democratic, open and considerate to all our members.

We will:

  • Develop, provide and offer resources, activities and projects that facilitate, promote and support the objectives of KMS;  and
  • Support and encourage the growth and participation of our members in the planning, delivery and evaluation of all our services, projects and activities.

To achieve these aims, members of KMS recognise the need for an effective and professional approach to our activities. This code of conduct outlines the basis for our cooperation as a peer support group.

Your behaviour as a member of Kernow Men’s Society:-

This Code of Conduct covers your behaviour as a member of KMS, in any private or public meeting, private correspondence or when taking part in any activity arranged by the group.

KMS’s committee will arbitrate in any dispute over the conduct of a member of the group and failure to meet these standards may be a cause for sanctions to be imposed by KMS.

Be considerate:-

Your behaviour will affect other people and you in turn will depend on the behaviour of others.  Any decision you take will affect others and we expect you to take those consequences into account when making decisions and entering into discussion and negotiations with other members.

Where there are potential conflicts of interest these should be fully disclosed to KMS’s Management Committee.

Be respectful:-

KMS values the participation and contribution of all its members.  We expect members of KMS to be respectful when dealing with other members as well as with people outside KMS, even where there is disagreement.

If, as part of your role in KMS, you deal with personal or sensitive information then it is expected that you will keep this information confidential.

Be collaborative:-  

KMS is about collaboration and working and pulling together.  Collaboration improves the quality of the work and support offered and values the input of others.

Be consistent:-

Members of KMS will, wherever possible, uphold verbal or written agreements – we will do what we said we would do when we said we would do it.

Be representative:-  

As a member of KMS you are expected to allow everyone to have the opportunity to voice their opinions and any concerns they might have. Members that are elected to the Management Committee should be aware that they are expected to represent the views of other members and not just their own personal views.

Uphold KMS’s principles:-

Disagreements happen all the time and within KMS is no exception.  The important goal is not to avoid disagreements or differing views but to resolve them constructively.  You should turn to KMS’s Management Committee to seek advice and to resolve disagreements.

Uphold the democratic decisions of Kernow Men’s Society:-

Where a decision has been made, members are expected to uphold and implement the decisions of a General Meeting and, in between General Meetings, the decisions of the Management Committee.  This does not mean that there cannot be disagreement; anyone who is uncomfortable with a decision should be offered support to implement the decisions or a consensus reached on participation or implementation of the decision.  Additionally, Committee Members should ensure that decisions do not compromise a person’s health and safety, equality or personal or religious beliefs or any other legal rights – however, members are expected to behave in a manner that upholds the democratic structures of KMS.

When you are unsure, ask for help:-  

Nobody knows everything, and nobody is expected to in KMS.  Asking questions can often help to avoid problems and so questions are encouraged.  Those who are asked should be responsive and helpful.

Delivering services and relationships with members and others:-

We are committed to ensuring that KMS activities should be available to all men, regardless of characteristics such as race or sexual orientation.  All members will be treated fairly and with due regard and our Equal Opportunities Policy must be adhered to.  KMS ensures that all its policies and procedures are compatible with equality legislation, including the Equality Act 2010.

All KMS members will abide by the Equality and Diversity policies and procedures of the Society.

Where agreements have been made KMS will act to ensure these agreements are respected and implemented.

Where complaints are raised, all members of KMS will abide by the written Complaints Policy and Procedures – all those wishing to complain will be given a full copy of KMS’s Complaints Policy and Procedures if they desire.

Any member suspected of breaching this Code of Conduct will be dealt with by the Management Committee and will be subject to KMS’s Complaints Policy and Procedures.


Adopted on:

August 13th 2018 and reviewed each year to date.

Signed by chair:

Mark Fanning


Kernow Men’s Society is recognised by HMRC as a Charity for tax purposes.