Below is a copy of the Privacy Consent Document that we will ask all Kernow Men’s Society Members to complete in order for us to hold their personal and contact details for the purpose of carrying out group activities as outlined within our Data Protection page:-

Kernow Men’s Society (KMS hereinafter) needs your name, telephone number and/or email address in order to keep the Society’s membership list up to date and to send you information about group activities.

-Your details will not be kept or stored on any computerised or online facility. It will be kept, along with this Consent Form, as a hard copy only, stored securely within a lockable box folder under the care and responsibility of a named member of the Committee, and will be removed within one month if you end your membership of KMS.

-Your details will not be shared with a third party (including other members of the Society) unless you give the Society explicit consent to do so or unless it is in the Society’s legitimate interest to do so, to fulfill a contract, to meet a legal obligation, to protect somebody’s life or to perform a public task. Definitions of these points can be found via this link.

-You have the right to be given a copy of the information we hold about you and how it is being used. You will be given this within one month of the request being received by a current member of the Committee.

-Unless KMS needs to keep your details for a specific legal obligation, you can withdraw your consent for us to keep or use your information, or ask us to amend or delete your details, by contacting any current member of the Committee or by emailing your request/demand to:-

Please complete the section at the bottom of this page to confirm the following statements:-

  • I consent for KMS to hold and use my contact details in accordance with both the Society’s Privacy and Data Protection Policies.
  • I consent for KMS to send me details of their events and meetings.
  • I consent for KMS to send me information about their campaigns.
  • I consent for KMS to send me details of any fundraising appeals.

Member’s Name:                           Signature:                            Date:


Kernow Men’s Society is recognised by HMRC as a Charity for tax purposes.