2022 So Far

2022 So Far.

After a tumultuous couple of years brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic we here at KMS have managed to reconvene our weekly meetings throughout 2022.

There’s been plenty of chat and laughter, a couple of thousand cuppas downed and probably a few thousand biscuits chomped on as well……all provided free of charge to meeting attendees!

Above all of that has been the simple pleasure of meeting up with friends and acuaintances old and new over the past year and sharing how the week went, what’s going on and what’s been on our minds.

Times have been very tough for many people lately and the simple act of coming together regularly for a chat and a cuppa is sometimes underrated but it’s the stuff that brings people and communities together.

We shall continue to do so as we approach the end of this year and look towards 2023……but 2022 is not done yet.

We still have several more meetings to look forward to and our annual Christmas lunch is all booked up for December so if you’re at a bit of a loose end and fancy seeing what we’re all about why not come along one week and find out for yourself?

You know you want to!

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