Website Pages Complete

Website Pages Complete?

Well, it’s taken about a month or so in between other things but I think we’ve more or less completed all the necessary pages for our group’s website.

Sure, there’ll be some tweaks to wording here and there and possibly some additions to the stuff that’s already in place but, after doing some reasonably extensive research, all the pages we need regarding statements, policies and compliance etc. are in there……..or are they?

Look, we don’t have any experts among us in setting up all the things necessary to get the group going again. We’ve started afresh from the ashes of our previous men’s group and are looking to do things properly right from the off.

That includes various things like re-setting mandates and account details with our bankers, sorting out a new committee and constitution, having frank conversations about dealing with and drawing a line under previous issues, setting up a new facebook page, creating the website and sourcing the various necessary information towards building it and generally getting ourselves on the firm, fresh footing we want in order to make the group an ongoing success.

After all, the very reason for our existence is so that men, from roughly the mid Cornwall area, can have somewhere to go for a few hours a couple of times a week just to get out of the house, meet friends and make new ones whilst having a cuppa and a chat with whoever is there that day.

We are still in the process of sorting out various outstanding issues and all of the points stated above are part and parcel of going through that process, but we are getting there!

We’ll be posting updates on a regular(ish) basis both here on the site and on our facebook page so please check back here and there to keep yourself posted on what’s going on with us.

In the meanwhile…………please let us know if we’ve missed out any important page types from the site.

Remember we said above that they’re all in there now, well, you might know better!

See you next time!

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