Mirth and Laughter

Enjoyable Meetings

Glad to say that recent meetings have been characterised by the amount of joviality going around the room, from joke telling to leg pulling and everything in between.

Whilst everybody knows that we have to be respectful of each other’s circumstances, the guys get to feel comfortable around their friends, old and new, and are able to see the funny side of so much that’s going on in today’s world.

For the couple of hours or so that we spend together over Monday and Thursday lunchtimes, we can temporarily set aside all the angst that seems to dominate “real” life and just concentrate on having a good time and some decent chat over tea and biscuits….have I mentioned before that they are free? I think I may have once or twice!

Come on, call us on 07966 000474 and find out how you can join in the conversation!

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