Andy (Ben) Bennett

It was with great sadness that we here at Kernow Men’s Society received the news that our good friend and colleague, Andy Bennett, passed away recently.

Our Chair was informed earlier this week by a long standing friend of Andy’s and the rest of the group heard the news at this week’s Thursday meeting.

Andy had been a member of KMS and it’s forerunner for around 4 years and in that time he had been an enthusiastic and involved individual and a keen advocate of the group’s work.

In more recent times Andy stepped up when a replacement Secretary was required and he fulfilled that position with his usual gusto being full of ideas and a sounding board for others. Indeed our planned I.T. project was Andy’s idea and he was driving the plans for it right up to his untimely passing.

Andy was a well travelled guy with a wide range of skills and accomplishments ranging from outstanding academic achievement right through to military service for his country and will be sorely missed.

Kernow Men’s Society sends our sincerest condolences to Andy’s close friends and family….RIP Andy.



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