Donations Via PayPal:-

Kernow Men’s Society has partnered with PayPal to enable donations to be made to the group via the “Donate” button on our online pages and a link that can be placed in various other online resources.


Our Ethos:-

KMS is a “Not-For-Profit”, local community group that exists purely to offer men in the locality the opportunity to meet up twice a week for light refreshments and conversation in a relaxing, safe and non threatening environment.

Many men spend their lives in a lonely, isolated existence excluded from mainstream society and the chance to make new friends over a cuppa and a chat is one that can add meaning to their day to day experiences.

As a group, we are committed to offering our meetings, refreshments, outings and activities on a no cost basis to the guys who come along and join the group.

Many gents on the fringes of society have very little spare money and charging them for attendance and refreshments could mean that they wouldn’t be able to come along. They’d then miss out on joining in and benefiting from all that the group gives them.

Being able to come along without having to find any money means there is no cost barrier to guys’ attendance which in turn means they are much more likely to come to meetings thereby giving them a reason to get out of the house and meet and make new friends.

However, offering meetings, refreshments and outings to our members, like everything in this world, costs money and KMS, as non profit local community organisation, relies on the good will of others to fund our activities.

We rely on receiving grant funding and donations but applying for and receiving grants to keep the group going is a never ending process which can often lead to disappointment, either from ineligibility or outcome.

This is where our donation button comes in and the ability to accept small payments via our online PayPal donation button is crucial in helping us help our members. Your donation can help with the meeting to meeting costs of running the group, which is the very basis of our existence, and go a long way towards helping us cover the cost of other items such as……

Outings for the guys to look forward to, a Christmas meal which many might not have without the group, Public Liability Insurance which is essential to make sure the group is covered appropriately etc. etc!


If you think what we do is a good thing for the local community and you would like to support our efforts in helping our members, our Paypal donation button (situated at the top and bottom of our website pages) means you can click on it and be taken through the process step by step.

You can choose how much, or little, you’d like to donate (even very small amounts can be a lifeline for the group) and you can be certain that your money goes towards helping us keeping the group survive as our name appears within the donate portal when you click on it.

PayPal then processes your donation and, minus a very small admin cost, sends the funds directly to our group’s bank account.

We are also going through the process of becoming HMRC registered meaning that soon we will also be able to boost your donation by claiming Gift Aid on your behalf if you are a UK tax payer.

Group Costings:-

Here are a couple of examples of what your kind donation could help us pay for:-

Meeting Room Hire is currently £10 per week so a £40 donation would pay for 4 weeks’ room hire for us to hold our meetings.

Refreshment costs are currently about £40 per month, although as the group grows that figure will increase accordingly, so, again, a £40 donation would currently fund approximately a month’s worth of refreshments.

Public Liability Insurance is estimated to be approximately £170 upon renewal so a £170 donation would cover the cost of P.L.I. for the group for a whole year.

These figures are, of course, only examples and any amount, no matter how small, would be very gratefully received.

Thanks for your time, we hope you think our group worthy of your support and you can contact us regarding this or any other matter via email at…..

or via our Facebook page…..


Kernow Men’s Society is recognised by HMRC as a Charity for tax purposes.